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What Women love to hear

More often than not, sex is all about how you feel. However, you need to understand that striking the right chord can sometimes be quite tricky. Adelaide Escorts live in Adelaide say that by whispering the perfect lines into a woman’s ears can make a huge difference between good and great sex. So, if you want to learn how to blaze the fire up, here are 4 things that women would love to hear from you when in bed.

Things women love to hereI Really Love Your Lips
Kissing is without doubt the most crucial factor when it comes to the progress of sex. So telling her how wonderful and gorgeous her lips feel against yours will heat the things up. The compliment will not only guarantee to make her feel great, but will also urge her to take things to a whole new level.

You Smell So Good
In most cases, compliments will only take you way too far, and telling her just how good she smells is your ticket to earning points especially between the sheets. In addition, women love to see their men in pleasure, most especially, if they are the reason behind it. So, see to it that you make her feel good and take her in. She will surely love watching you lose yourself to her.

You Look so Damn Sexy
Women really love it when men compliment them. The feeling that their guys appreciate them will not only make her feel a bit more secure about the ways they look naked, but will also bolster their ego. Make it certain that you compliment her and watch her get ready for a lot more bedroom actions.

You Just Look Steaming Hot in the That
When it’s a special night, most women will try to make it even more special by dressing for their man. Hence telling her that she has blown your whole manhood with what she’s wearing will surely validate all the effort she has to undergo for the moment. Apart from that, telling her exactly what you like or want will definitely pave the way for another sex escapade.

The secret to great sex is by telling just how indispensable your woman is. From there, everything will blow. And if you’re looking for someone to really “blow” you, Adelaide Escorts live in Adelaide are apt for the job.



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